Because every project is different, it can be difficult to estimate a cost.  For example, some research is completed quickly and easily, other research takes longer depending on the complexity of the mystery.  However, based on previous research projects for clients, I’ve estimated that $750.00 will cover most of my researching for your mother’s and father’s side of your tree.  (See “What do I Get” )  

I also provide incidental research should you wish to trace a person or a family, explore an incident that happened to a family member or locating military records etc.

I will discuss with you about what you want to achieve, and endeavour to give you an estimate of what that may cost if you have a project that differs from the norm.

My charge is $15.00 per hour for researching.  You’ll need to allow for incidental costs such as certificates and military records.

I work to your budget, big or small.

I also provide a Pre-start Package for $150.00 (6 hours research – payable up front) to ascertain how much information is available before proceeding further. (You can always come back at a later date and pick up where we left off.)

We’ll proceed with your research in small chunks of time keeping abreast of costs and progress.

Do I have to pay for the research if nothing is found?

As in life, there are no guarantees with genealogy and family history research.  Your ancestor may be found in five minutes, or may still prove elusive after hours or days of research. This all depends on what, if anything, exists about your ancestor.  You are paying for my time and expertise, and though I would love to be able to find your ancestor quickly, this isn’t always the case.  As I regularly keep in touch, you’ll know in advance if the project it proving difficult to progress and this will enable you to make a decision whether I should continue on your behalf.