My specialty is online research, which means the majority of the project funds are allocated to intensive online research.  However, should it be required, I will attend the WA Battye Library and The National Archives in Perth, other local public or archive libraries to access records not available online.

Whether it is a full or partial family history on your father or mother’s side, a direct ancestral line or just searching for details on a specific ancestor’s life, I will do my best to fulfil your request.

Maybe you need your research turned into a readable and interesting story or a booklet written for a family celebration, I can help.

As well as providing genealogical research and helping to build your family tree, I also do the following:

  • Transcribe your own research and data into a genealogy program so you have a safe storage place and an avenue to keep adding future research.
  • Print charts and reports, descendant or ancestor, from your own research.
  • Put together a family tree book from the research. These I publish through “My”. I have my own available should you wish to view.
  • I can come to you and assist in setting up your own program. I’ll show you the basics, such as finding birth, marriage and death certificates, through to researching across many websites, the pitfalls and how to find the stories and lives of your ancestors.
  • Photo restoration

I provide free consultations by telephone or in person if you are in the South West area of Western Australia.

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